Green beans and Bacon πŸ₯“

Another simple one for the books: Green beans & Bacon πŸ₯“ If I could, I would live my life with bacon on everything I eat! It needs no explanation. I ❀️πŸ₯“! A simple stir fry that is a great side dish to your burger nights! Recipe: Ingredients: β€’ green beans β€’ 1tbsp butter (unsalted) β€’…… Continue reading Green beans and Bacon πŸ₯“

Long distance love πŸ’•

Taking it way back to a very special night in my life with one of my dearest friends getting married. A night where a sisterhood got together from different parts of the world to talk about the anticipation of a milestone, & catch up on life-work, boys, body issues, makeup, families and friendship. A night…… Continue reading Long distance love πŸ’•

Oh Goa, I miss your beef croquettes! πŸŒ΄

My last trip to Goa was filled with exploring new beaches and eating good food. And one thing I will take back from my trip is the croquettes we ate at the tiny bakeries across the city. Fresh and hot, they’re made with either beef, chicken or fish. We parcelled a couple in a brown…… Continue reading Oh Goa, I miss your beef croquettes! πŸŒ΄

Pork cutlets served with a cranberry sauce

Mixed Cutlets: the beauty of a cutlet is that you can add a buttload of vegetables in there with the meat and you wouldn’t even know. And for someone who used to hate her vegetables, it’s a great trick. This is a simple pork mince cutlet that I found tastes great on its own or…… Continue reading Pork cutlets served with a cranberry sauce