Burger business 🍔

Getting down to business. Burger business! ⚠️ Fair warning, there are photos including raw minced meat in this set so if that isn’t your scene. Do not swipe! ⚠️ Burgers were made once every two weeks at home. Such comfort food and a family effort. Dad would buy the buns, mum and I would make…… Continue reading Burger business 🍔

Goan okra(& prawn) curry 🍛

Starting off this chapter with a vegetarian dish for my vegetarian friends. The curiosity for the Goan vegetarian cuisine came up during our trip where as non-vegetarians, we were naturally drawn to all the delicious (non-vegetarian) dishes that the place had to offer. And I have to say, it’s quite a variety! It’s familiar, with…… Continue reading Goan okra(& prawn) curry 🍛

Sindhi methi aloo palya 🥔🍃

Started the day off with an extremely simple Methi aloo Palya. Methi/fenugreek leaves are extremely nutritious, fighting cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Not to mention adding a fantastic flavour to dals, fish and other meats and in this case, palya. Paired with potatoes/Aloo, this dish is one of the most common household dishes in India.…… Continue reading Sindhi methi aloo palya 🥔🍃

Goan chorizo pulao 🍛

I have been eating Goan chorizo all my life- as a marinade for a chicken, sautéed with vegetables or in a gravy, accompanied with a pao or even dal and rice. But i was only recently introduced to the chorizo pulao!! There are a good number of pulao recipes that were passed down to me,…… Continue reading Goan chorizo pulao 🍛

Chicken Sorpotel 🥘

Originally made with pork but all I had was chicken tonight. This dish is cooked in the coastal Konkan region of India, primarily Goa, Mangalore and East Indians of Mumbai. The meats/organs are first parboiled, then diced and sauteed before being cooked in a spicy and vinegary masala. Chicken Sorpotel Recipe: For the Sorpotel Masala:-…… Continue reading Chicken Sorpotel 🥘

Weekend meal preps turned mid weeks dinner – 3🥘 

Marinades! I’m a big fan and I love how versatile a good marinade can be. Marinades are Great to slather on some meat for a mid week BBQ, to be added with some coconut milk and turned into a curry and can also be used to fry up some mince to be used in a…… Continue reading Weekend meal preps turned mid weeks dinner – 3🥘 

Waste not, want not: Bottle gourd soup and prawn bafat

Back to the grind and getting home to a good hot meal is something I look forward to at the end of the day. But I do have days when my brain and actions don’t match- I cook up cravings in my head for which I don’t really have all the ingredients to. And in…… Continue reading Waste not, want not: Bottle gourd soup and prawn bafat

Weekend meal preps turned mid weeks dinner – 1🥘 

I love to cook. I can’t spend an entire  day cooking and that, to me, is a day well spent. I do tend to reserve a good chunk of my weekend deciding and prepping meals for the busy work week ahead. It saves me time on those late nights when I am too tired to…… Continue reading Weekend meal preps turned mid weeks dinner – 1🥘 

A remedy for the flu and soul

I recently came down with the flu and was stuck indoors with a heavy cold and soar throat. I decided to quickly get up and make myself some of my mama’s spicy Rasam. This was and still IS one of my favourite dishes- simple, spicy and finger licking good! I specify on finger licking because…… Continue reading A remedy for the flu and soul

Chilli pork, cocktails and conversation 

I was blessed to have made a good set of friends from My previous time in London, with a couple of weekends filled with jokes, conversations, YouTube movie trailers, old school music videos, cocktails, beers and chilli pork! I specify on the dish because it was always made at the end of the great catch…… Continue reading Chilli pork, cocktails and conversation