Cabbage Poriyal 🥬

Kickstarting meatless Monday with a simple Cabbage Poriyal. Simple ingredients, healthy and quick to cook. This South Indian dish goes well with dal rice and pickle or a couple of hot chapatis. I personally eat it with a bowl of steamed rice, papadum and curd. 🍚🤤 The base ingredients of this dish is a typical…… Continue reading Cabbage Poriyal 🥬

Tomato Gojju: The South Indian Salsa

I love looking for connections in cuisines from around the world. It helps me understand that although we are different, we underlying fundamentals are the same. One such connect is noticed was in the Mexican salsa and our South Indian Tomato Gojju. The fundamental base being tomatoes, onions, lemon and cilantro. This beautiful condiment is…… Continue reading Tomato Gojju: The South Indian Salsa

A remedy for the flu and soul

I recently came down with the flu and was stuck indoors with a heavy cold and soar throat. I decided to quickly get up and make myself some of my mama’s spicy Rasam. This was and still IS one of my favourite dishes- simple, spicy and finger licking good! I specify on finger licking because…… Continue reading A remedy for the flu and soul