An oriental platter with Nom nom 🍜🍱

Just one of those nights where we were craving some oriental cuisine. With one small problem, we weren’t sure which specific oriental cuisine we wanted. Japanese sushi? Thai salads? Korean bulgogi? Not sure… we were just craving some umami. That is when we chanced upon Nom Nom. Located in Pali Hill in Bandra, Bombay, we…… Continue reading An oriental platter with Nom nom 🍜🍱

Ah Fish’Ka! 🐟

A cool breezy night, riding the scooter through the narrow lanes of Betalbatim, lush greenery on either side, moving towards Fish’Ka. A lovely recommendation from a fellow foodie and true blue Goan. Fishka has created a cozy little spot in our hearts. Which is exactly what we felt like entering the restaurant- cozy. The beautiful…… Continue reading Ah Fish’Ka! 🐟

Malai Chingri 🦐🦐

Paying homage to a culture that loves seafood just as much as I do! Being the dominant source of protein, the seafood is usually cooked with a tomato & ginger based gravy or a mustard & green chilli gravy. Already having tasted a number of tomato based gravy’s, i decided to dive into the mustard…… Continue reading Malai Chingri 🦐🦐