Mini pancakes: One dish, different forms

Who here loves a mini pancake? A dish that can be eaten for breakfast,lunch and dinner. As a meal or a snack, sweet or savoury. It’s versatility is appealing and it’s also fun to make! A mini pancake is a word that is universally recognised. However, I have come across this fun dish in different… Continue reading Mini pancakes: One dish, different forms

Soup & Starters

Having something simple on the tummy after a weekend indulgence doesn’t mean it has to skimp the flavours. And with the Winter at hand, a hint of heat and spice is always welcome! I love a good soup! In any form-creamy, crunchy, brothy! Man oh man! A good soup can make my day! And if… Continue reading Soup & Starters

Panisse: the French fry’s cousin.

I would not have discovered this delicious dish if it wasn’t for my vegetarian roommate, and I am thankful for having tried it out! A local snack served in most cafes in Provençal France. The Panisse is a vegetarian munchie made out of chickpeas! That’s right! Hummus, Channa and Falafel are not the only chickpea… Continue reading Panisse: the French fry’s cousin.

Chilli pork, cocktails and conversation 

I was blessed to have made a good set of friends from My previous time in London, with a couple of weekends filled with jokes, conversations, YouTube movie trailers, old school music videos, cocktails, beers and chilli pork! I specify on the dish because it was always made at the end of the great catch… Continue reading Chilli pork, cocktails and conversation