ChankoNabe: The Sumo Soup đźŤ˛

This light and flavourful broth is PURE FUEL! A high performance diet for sumo wrestlers in Japan. Sumo wrestlers are not just massive but extremely strong and this dish is full of healthy fats, protein and vitamins. Just like other hot pot dishes such as Mizutaki, it is very healthy to eat, with plenty of… Continue reading ChankoNabe: The Sumo Soup đźŤ˛

Mini pancakes: One dish, different forms

Who here loves a mini pancake? A dish that can be eaten for breakfast,lunch and dinner. As a meal or a snack, sweet or savoury. It’s versatility is appealing and it’s also fun to make! A mini pancake is a word that is universally recognised. However, I have come across this fun dish in different… Continue reading Mini pancakes: One dish, different forms

Soup & Starters

Having something simple on the tummy after a weekend indulgence doesn’t mean it has to skimp the flavours. And with the Winter at hand, a hint of heat and spice is always welcome! I love a good soup! In any form-creamy, crunchy, brothy! Man oh man! A good soup can make my day! And if… Continue reading Soup & Starters

Panisse: the French fry’s cousin.

I would not have discovered this delicious dish if it wasn’t for my vegetarian roommate, and I am thankful for having tried it out! A local snack served in most cafes in Provençal France. The Panisse is a vegetarian munchie made out of chickpeas! That’s right! Hummus, Channa and Falafel are not the only chickpea… Continue reading Panisse: the French fry’s cousin.

Chilli pork, cocktails and conversation 

I was blessed to have made a good set of friends from My previous time in London, with a couple of weekends filled with jokes, conversations, YouTube movie trailers, old school music videos, cocktails, beers and chilli pork! I specify on the dish because it was always made at the end of the great catch… Continue reading Chilli pork, cocktails and conversation