Fur babies & Hayfever: The Irony

My love for my furry friends comes with a horrible downfall: Hayfever. This is not something I grew up as I grew up in a household with dogs. This is something that has come up recently just over a year ago once I moved to Mumbai, with barely any interactions with fur babies on a…… Continue reading Fur babies & Hayfever: The Irony

Hibiscus tea / Rosello

Hibiscus tea/ Rosello 🌺 A friend of mine made the hot tea once and I’ve been meaning to try it ever since. I got the beautiful petals for the tea from the @thefarmersstore in Bandra. Iced hibiscus tea Recipe: • I boiled a teaspoon of the petals in a little more than half a litre…… Continue reading Hibiscus tea / Rosello