A journey to the Sun & Moon ðŸŒžðŸŒ›

Let me tell you a story. A story about a girl who travelled across Mumbai to find the Sun & Moon. Sounds mystical, doesn’t it? Well, read on! The girl started her journey on a weekday from a tiny chaotic corporate jungle- Goregaon. She knew this journey would be tedious, but the girl was determined.… Continue reading A journey to the Sun & Moon ðŸŒžðŸŒ›

A seat at Table 13

“Have the tickets come out yet?”, is the question I’ve asked for every month that I’ve found out about Table 13. What is Table 13, you ask? Well it’s a pop up dinner that is hosted by chef Pablo Naranjo Agular, from Le15 café. Each dinner is theme based and hosted for around 10 people,… Continue reading A seat at Table 13

My Cubbon park moment ðŸ’—🍃

There was a time in my life where I would wake up at 5am everyday and hit the ground running. This was when I was in college and part of a number of sports teams where my sole joy and purpose of waking up was to practice and play a great game with my teammates.… Continue reading My Cubbon park moment ðŸ’—🍃