Life in a Fable ðŸ“š

A Sunday stroll from the movie theatre took us to a lovely restaurant in Juhu called Fable. Fable is a beautifully decorated complete with recycled materials- old windows, lamps, refurbished furniture and of course, true to its name- recycled novels and fairytale books. 📚 Friendly staff and a continental menu made up primarily of Italian…… Continue reading Life in a Fable ðŸ“š

A journey to the Sun & Moon ðŸŒžðŸŒ›

Let me tell you a story. A story about a girl who travelled across Mumbai to find the Sun & Moon. Sounds mystical, doesn’t it? Well, read on! The girl started her journey on a weekday from a tiny chaotic corporate jungle- Goregaon. She knew this journey would be tedious, but the girl was determined.…… Continue reading A journey to the Sun & Moon ðŸŒžðŸŒ›

A seat at Table 13 ðŸ½

“Have the tickets come out yet?”, is the question I’ve asked for every month that I’ve found out about Table 13. What is Table 13, you ask? Well it’s a pop up dinner that is hosted by chef Pablo Naranjo Agular, from Le15 café. Each dinner is theme based and hosted for around 10 people,…… Continue reading A seat at Table 13 ðŸ½

My Cubbon park moment ðŸ’—🍃

There was a time in my life where I would wake up at 5am everyday and hit the ground running. This was when I was in college and part of a number of sports teams where my sole joy and purpose of waking up was to practice and play a great game with my teammates.…… Continue reading My Cubbon park moment ðŸ’—🍃