Sausage & green bean casserole πŸ₯˜

Sausage and Green beans (one-pan) casserole πŸ₯˜ Experimenting on @chrissyteigen’s Ham & green bean casserole by basically using whatever ingredients I had in my kitchen πŸ˜„ (the base of my kitchen experiments). Such a fun one pan dish packed with all the goodness I need for my work lunches during the week! . . .…… Continue reading Sausage & green bean casserole πŸ₯˜

Long distance love πŸ’•

Taking it way back to a very special night in my life with one of my dearest friends getting married. A night where a sisterhood got together from different parts of the world to talk about the anticipation of a milestone, & catch up on life-work, boys, body issues, makeup, families and friendship. A night…… Continue reading Long distance love πŸ’•

Stir fried smoked sausages πŸ²

The weather has been much kinder off late, here in Bombay. More like summer & less humid. Got the birds flying about, children playing, the smells of food being cooked from different neighbours in the building, less traffic on the road. Quite a lovely Sunday indeed. To add to it all, I’ve served up a…… Continue reading Stir fried smoked sausages πŸ²

Roast beef ramen πŸœ

When you’re under the weather and just want a hug, and you live on your own, food helps. Not just any food but comfort food. Healthy, comfort food! And with that in mind, I reached into my refrigerator to find the ingredients that could possible put together a hearty soup. What I found was my…… Continue reading Roast beef ramen πŸœ

Tandoori & Lemongrass Pork πŸŽ‹πŸ·

So this one has a backstory. It’s safe to say that a good percentage of my brain works on what to eat next 😹. I am also thankful for the like-minded people in my life who don’t mind talking about food! It all started last week when a friend and I were chatting about his…… Continue reading Tandoori & Lemongrass Pork πŸŽ‹πŸ·

Life in a Fable πŸ“š

A Sunday stroll from the movie theatre took us to a lovely restaurant in Juhu called Fable. Fable is a beautifully decorated complete with recycled materials- old windows, lamps, refurbished furniture and of course, true to its name- recycled novels and fairytale books. πŸ“š Friendly staff and a continental menu made up primarily of Italian…… Continue reading Life in a Fable πŸ“š