Life in a Fable 📚

A Sunday stroll from the movie theatre took us to a lovely restaurant in Juhu called Fable. Fable is a beautifully decorated complete with recycled materials- old windows, lamps, refurbished furniture and of course, true to its name- recycled novels and fairytale books. 📚 Friendly staff and a continental menu made up primarily of Italian…… Continue reading Life in a Fable 📚

Spicy coconut & lemongrass crab curry 🦀

Another dish made with love for my parents anniversary ❣️ This one was special for two reasons. 1. Instructions were provided by the mama bear and executed to the T by moi. This was great because I’m not great with instructions 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2. It was my first time making crab. It’s usually a special dish…… Continue reading Spicy coconut & lemongrass crab curry 🦀

Goan chorizo pulao 🍛

I have been eating Goan chorizo all my life- as a marinade for a chicken, sautéed with vegetables or in a gravy, accompanied with a pao or even dal and rice. But i was only recently introduced to the chorizo pulao!! There are a good number of pulao recipes that were passed down to me,…… Continue reading Goan chorizo pulao 🍛

A seat at Table 13 🍽

“Have the tickets come out yet?”, is the question I’ve asked for every month that I’ve found out about Table 13. What is Table 13, you ask? Well it’s a pop up dinner that is hosted by chef Pablo Naranjo Agular, from Le15 café. Each dinner is theme based and hosted for around 10 people,…… Continue reading A seat at Table 13 🍽

Mama’s Methi Mackerel 🐟

My mum makes this for us at home on a Friday night. Fresh Mackerel, Methi (also known as Fenugreek) leaves and a whole bunch of spices. Super super healthy and delicious! This is all that needs to be said. Recipe: – Mackerel 1kg -Methi leaves 1-2 bundles depending on size of the bundle -Onions 3…… Continue reading Mama’s Methi Mackerel 🐟

One masala, two dishes!

Always thinking of my mum when I make something that works well for many dishes. She taught me how to be efficient with what I have & repurpose leftovers to make new dishes. But I am really happy with the way this one(or two) dishes turned out. I’m going to start by explaining the base…… Continue reading One masala, two dishes!