An oriental platter with Nom nom 🍜🍱

Just one of those nights where we were craving some oriental cuisine. With one small problem, we weren’t sure which specific oriental cuisine we wanted. Japanese sushi? Thai salads? Korean bulgogi? Not sure… we were just craving some umami. That is when we chanced upon Nom Nom. Located in Pali Hill in Bandra, Bombay, we…… Continue reading An oriental platter with Nom nom 🍜🍱

Sausage & green bean casserole 🥘

Sausage and Green beans (one-pan) casserole 🥘 Experimenting on @chrissyteigen’s Ham & green bean casserole by basically using whatever ingredients I had in my kitchen 😄 (the base of my kitchen experiments). Such a fun one pan dish packed with all the goodness I need for my work lunches during the week! . . .…… Continue reading Sausage & green bean casserole 🥘

Roast beef ramen 🍜

When you’re under the weather and just want a hug, and you live on your own, food helps. Not just any food but comfort food. Healthy, comfort food! And with that in mind, I reached into my refrigerator to find the ingredients that could possible put together a hearty soup. What I found was my…… Continue reading Roast beef ramen 🍜