Mama’s Methi Mackerel 🐟

My mum makes this for us at home on a Friday night. Fresh Mackerel, Methi (also known as Fenugreek) leaves and a whole bunch of spices. Super super healthy and delicious! This is all that needs to be said. Recipe: – Mackerel 1kg -Methi leaves 1-2 bundles depending on size of the bundle -Onions 3… Continue reading Mama’s Methi Mackerel 🐟

Homemade snacks: Chaat

Chaat: a savoury snack served from food stalls in India. Chaat contains a little bit of everything, fresh vegetables, sweet, spicy & tangy sauces, fresh yogurt and a whole lotta crunch! The monsoons have struck with full effect and so I decided to stay in and make this chaat with a couple of basic ingredients.… Continue reading Homemade snacks: Chaat

Weekend meal preps turned mid weeks dinner – 3🥘 

Marinades! I’m a big fan and I love how versatile a good marinade can be. Marinades are Great to slather on some meat for a mid week BBQ, to be added with some coconut milk and turned into a curry and can also be used to fry up some mince to be used in a… Continue reading Weekend meal preps turned mid weeks dinner – 3🥘 

Soup & Starters

Having something simple on the tummy after a weekend indulgence doesn’t mean it has to skimp the flavours. And with the Winter at hand, a hint of heat and spice is always welcome! I love a good soup! In any form-creamy, crunchy, brothy! Man oh man! A good soup can make my day! And if… Continue reading Soup & Starters

Waste not, want not: Bottle gourd soup and prawn bafat

Back to the grind and getting home to a good hot meal is something I look forward to at the end of the day. But I do have days when my brain and actions don’t match- I cook up cravings in my head for which I don’t really have all the ingredients to. And in… Continue reading Waste not, want not: Bottle gourd soup and prawn bafat

A remedy for the flu and soul

I recently came down with the flu and was stuck indoors with a heavy cold and soar throat. I decided to quickly get up and make myself some of my mama’s spicy Rasam. This was and still IS one of my favourite dishes- simple, spicy and finger licking good! I specify on finger licking because… Continue reading A remedy for the flu and soul

Friends, food and it’s comfort

I am living away from home and recently travelled on a work trip which pushed me further away from home. It was exciting and magical to visit a new country with all its glorious culture(more on that in another story), but I’ve never felt so far away from my safe space, my comfort, my home.… Continue reading Friends, food and it’s comfort