Goan chorizo pulao

I have been eating Goan chorizo all my life- as a marinade for a chicken, sautéed with vegetables or in a gravy, accompanied with a pao or even dal and rice. But i was only recently introduced to the chorizo pulao!! There are a good number of pulao recipes that were passed down to me,… Continue reading Goan chorizo pulao

Oh Goa, I miss your beef croquettes!

My last trip to Goa was filled with exploring new beaches and eating good food. And one thing I will take back from my trip is the croquettes we ate at the tiny bakeries across the city. Fresh and hot, they’re made with either beef, chicken or fish. We parcelled a couple in a brown… Continue reading Oh Goa, I miss your beef croquettes!

Garlic & coconut Hummus with love ðŸ’—

Hummus, an extremely yummy & healthy snack that I don’t mind indulging on. Now the accompaniments are another story altogether 😄! You can go healthy with some vegetables sticks(carrots, cucumber, celery etc) or even the classic pita & roast chicken. Just.so.good! This is a dish that’s extra special to me as its something I learnt… Continue reading Garlic & coconut Hummus with love ðŸ’—