ChankoNabe: The Sumo Soup 🍲

This light and flavourful broth is PURE FUEL! A high performance diet for sumo wrestlers in Japan. Sumo wrestlers are not just massive but extremely strong and this dish is full of healthy fats, protein and vitamins. Just like other hot pot dishes such as Mizutaki, it is very healthy to eat, with plenty of…… Continue reading ChankoNabe: The Sumo Soup 🍲

Tomato Gojju: The South Indian Salsa

I love looking for connections in cuisines from around the world. It helps me understand that although we are different, we underlying fundamentals are the same. One such connect is noticed was in the Mexican salsa and our South Indian Tomato Gojju. The fundamental base being tomatoes, onions, lemon and cilantro. This beautiful condiment is…… Continue reading Tomato Gojju: The South Indian Salsa

Mangalorean prawn curry 🍤🍤🍤

Back to the roots with one of my favourite curries. Mangalorean prawn curry recipe: • Prawns, deveined and washed. • Lightly toast mustard and fenugreek seeds. • Add chopped onions and garlic and fry until golden brown. • Add finely chopped tomato to form a paste. • Add slit green chilli, tumeric powder and salt…… Continue reading Mangalorean prawn curry 🍤🍤🍤