Ah Fish’Ka! 🐟

A cool breezy night, riding the scooter through the narrow lanes of Betalbatim, lush greenery on either side, moving towards Fish’Ka. A lovely recommendation from a fellow foodie and true blue Goan. Fishka has created a cozy little spot in our hearts. Which is exactly what we felt like entering the restaurant- cozy. The beautiful…… Continue reading Ah Fish’Ka! 🐟

Roast beef ramen 🍜

When you’re under the weather and just want a hug, and you live on your own, food helps. Not just any food but comfort food. Healthy, comfort food! And with that in mind, I reached into my refrigerator to find the ingredients that could possible put together a hearty soup. What I found was my…… Continue reading Roast beef ramen 🍜

Goan okra(& prawn) curry 🍛

Starting off this chapter with a vegetarian dish for my vegetarian friends. The curiosity for the Goan vegetarian cuisine came up during our trip where as non-vegetarians, we were naturally drawn to all the delicious (non-vegetarian) dishes that the place had to offer. And I have to say, it’s quite a variety! It’s familiar, with…… Continue reading Goan okra(& prawn) curry 🍛

Malai Chingri 🦐🦐

Paying homage to a culture that loves seafood just as much as I do! Being the dominant source of protein, the seafood is usually cooked with a tomato & ginger based gravy or a mustard & green chilli gravy. Already having tasted a number of tomato based gravy’s, i decided to dive into the mustard…… Continue reading Malai Chingri 🦐🦐

The pursuit of Hoppiness: Great state ale works 🍻

Lacing: A term I picked up on a Saturday evening at The Little Easy, Mumbai. It’s one thing to pick up these terms while chatting with a couple of friends but it’s something else coming directly from the mouth of the man behind the beer you’re drinking! I first came across Great State at the…… Continue reading The pursuit of Hoppiness: Great state ale works 🍻

Juicing: Don’t waste that fiber 🍹

Tiny tip: Don’t waste that fibre! • Juicing is fun, you get to experiment with ingredients and all it’s permutations and combinations. • It’s extremely quick to make and consume- making it my perfect on-the-go breakfast. • But, “Juice” doesn’t necessarily mean drink the liquids alone. Although juicing is a process of extracting soluble fibre(the…… Continue reading Juicing: Don’t waste that fiber 🍹