Cabbage Poriyal 🥬

Kickstarting meatless Monday with a simple Cabbage Poriyal. Simple ingredients, healthy and quick to cook. This South Indian dish goes well with dal rice and pickle or a couple of hot chapatis. I personally eat it with a bowl of steamed rice, papadum and curd. 🍚🤤 The base ingredients of this dish is a typical…… Continue reading Cabbage Poriyal 🥬

Lisbon and pastel de nata 🥧

It’s funny how the value of a dish holds as good to the memories attached to it. The place you first tried it in and the people who you tried it with. It’s what makes those memories precious. It’s what adds to the flavour of the dish you are savouring. Almost wishing time stood still.…… Continue reading Lisbon and pastel de nata 🥧

Burger business 🍔

Getting down to business. Burger business! ⚠️ Fair warning, there are photos including raw minced meat in this set so if that isn’t your scene. Do not swipe! ⚠️ Burgers were made once every two weeks at home. Such comfort food and a family effort. Dad would buy the buns, mum and I would make…… Continue reading Burger business 🍔

Love and chai lattes ☕️

Walking up the beautifully designed tiled staircase with Rajma princess to a place that we both coincidentally meant to try for the longest time. A place that a tea lover would appreciate to test. A bonus to have that tea in a venue that makes you feel like a princess 👸🏼😄 Delicate, bright and whimsical.…… Continue reading Love and chai lattes ☕️

Sausage & green bean casserole 🥘

Sausage and Green beans (one-pan) casserole 🥘 Experimenting on @chrissyteigen’s Ham & green bean casserole by basically using whatever ingredients I had in my kitchen 😄 (the base of my kitchen experiments). Such a fun one pan dish packed with all the goodness I need for my work lunches during the week! . . .…… Continue reading Sausage & green bean casserole 🥘

Long distance love 💕

Taking it way back to a very special night in my life with one of my dearest friends getting married. A night where a sisterhood got together from different parts of the world to talk about the anticipation of a milestone, & catch up on life-work, boys, body issues, makeup, families and friendship. A night…… Continue reading Long distance love 💕