Food will always accompany life’s stories

So my quarantine comes to an end with some distancing but safe movement around my home. Accompanied with a cup of chai, that I made from scratch, with all the fixings.

And some love from(for) my family.

I wanted to start off by saying hello! And hope you are well.

If you have been following my page for a while, you will know that my food comes with life stories. Each story filled with love and pain because such is life and we would be foolish to pretend that it is all sunshine and fresh air(bad example given the times).

You will also know that I have recently traveled home on an evacuation flight (and have shared the journey on my highlights for anyone who needs a viewpoint).

Living & Sharing the story has led to 2 realisations:

1. There are SO MANY Indians stranded across the globe aching to get home. My heart is with you and I hope for your safe return.

2. Then there are another section of folks who are not in this situation(luckily)to travel who are under the impression that flying back & being in a quarantine is a “vacation”. No. It is not.

Most people who need to come back home are doing so on an emergency basis, as they can’t afford to live in another country anymore or have medical issues or family in need of medical assistance.

I, myself, have come back based on the last reason, with a huge part of my heart and world turned upside down.

It is, as I imagine, something that will change me(hopefully for the better because life is funny like that and I still have a little optimism left in me).

I speak plainly to you because I write about food and we share, learn and love openly on this platform. I do not want to give you a false pretence of a perfect world with perfectly put- together dishes that seem so, perfect. Because life is not funny like that. It is difficult and it is frustrating and we are all looking for small bits of happiness and comfort. And I don’t take comfort in struggling through a day while posting a picture perfect meal that looks like it didn’t take any effort to make, at all right now.

I went from living alone to now living with my family of various dietary restrictions. It’s a crowded kitchen. I am blessed to be with my loved ones but trying to figure it out.

Times are tough, we’re all going through this tough in degrees but we will prevail and food, the food as always, no matter how difficult sometimes, will still be made, with love.

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