Relax, the way you can

Of course my beautiful friends beautiful plating is going up on my page! ❣️

The previous week was a long work week that extended into the weekend(Saturday). Which is fine because that’s life sometimes and I was truly thankful to have part of a Sunday to myself. .

So when you get one day to relax, you do what makes you, well, relax. You know? And guess what makes me relax- cooking(ooo shocker!)

Anyone whose been in the kitchen with me might state the opposite because of my need to have things done my way but I swear, I’m relaxed 🙈

Happiness was delivered to me the previous day in the form of two packages of meat from @licious_foods . Mutton and prawns, fresh and sealed, ready to be cooked.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon and my moment to relax. Starting with a quick visit to the vegetable market followed by a prep session at home. All set to take on the meats, I decided to start off with the mutton. Just something about a mutton on a Sunday felt right. I wanted to make a simple dish that allowed the meat to shine along with an Andhra meal. Nothing overpowering like a curry but not a starter either. It needed to be a part of a full meal because again, Sunday.

In my most comfy dress, music on, a glass of wine in hand and my human @adnanagha by my side, so began a relaxed session of cooking. One dish after another until we eventually looked up at the clock to see that we were a few minutes away from an early evening. .

Adding an additional spark to the relaxing session was @spacechipp with her extremely peaceful aura and thought provoking conversations. A juxtaposition that just worked with this woman.

With lunch ready and three servings down, we rolled into the remainder of the evening with a very important question, “what shall we order for dessert?”. A dense chocolate loaf from @theobromapatisserie , that’s what! Paired with some Malai ice cream. So sinful it should be illegal!

“It’s ok pri, we’ll work out tomorrow.” – she said with @adnan succumbing to a nap in the gaps.

“Ok ships.”- I agreed. And you know what, I meant it, with zero regrets and fond memories of a relaxed evening.

#foodstory #goodfood #love #nomnom#food

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