Ande ka meetha

Ande ka Meetha 💛

On my usual routine to pick up some mutton biryani from @chichabastaj for my trip back to Bombay. I walk into the restaurant and place my order when I notice a huge container on the counter.

“What is that!?”, I ask the owner with extreme curiosity.

“Ande ka meetha!”, he said.

“No way!”

“Yes, here! Have a taste!”, he said as he served me a piece.

One bite sent me into pure bliss!

An Islamic dish that’s made on special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Made with eggs, khova, ghee, saffron and a punch of cardamom. Dense and indulgent, this desert is not to be taken lightly.

I couldn’t think of anything more perfect to cut and devour on my birthday.

So there we were, with four pieces of ande ka metha, packed into a box, on our way home.

And of course, mum couldn’t let me cut a piece of dessert on my birthday. So her creative mind stuffed the four pieces into a serving bowl, turned upside down to form a small cake.

And to add the cherry on top, she added the cherry on top! 🍒

Such a beautiful dessert. To be savoured in small bits. But no one said anything about eating it in small bits consecutively 🤷🏻‍♀️

If you’re ever in the area, stop by @chichabastaj and have a piece!

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