I turned 29. 🎈

A year older and a time to reflect(no matter how hard I try not to). A birthday spent at home after two consecutive birthdays of being away.

A lot has happened over this year and time has definitely flown by. I’ve lost and gained and couple of inches, I’ve moved around, I’ve made and lost friends, so many experiences attached to time that I don’t wish to change.

But one thing remains a constant. Love.


“The greatest thing, you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.”- Moulin Rouge.


It’s funny how love influences action. A hug from your grandma or aunty, fighting & forgiving a sibling, sharing stories & secrets with friends, a kiss from your partner, that beer with your dad, the food prepared by your mum.

That was how I celebrated my birthday this year. And this was my birthday meal. Food prepared by my mum.

Caught on the idea of which restaurant to visit or order from, my mum steps in and says,”why order? I’ll make something. I know it’s late and we’re all hungry but give me a few minutes.”

And this was what was presented to us within literally, a few minutes(40mins to be exact).

Served and seated as a family, to enjoy this:

1. Coriander pulao

2. Chicken Xacuti

3. Jackfruit papadum

4. Cucumber, mint and apple salad

A meal that warmed my heart and made me miss home so terribly. A meal that reminded me of what a brilliant cook my mum is. A meal that snapped me out of all the thoughts going through my head only to remind me of what was important: Simplicity. Family. Love.

No matter how much I try to remind myself that love is not the only thing required to sustain a relationship. I am constantly put into situations that prove me wrong.

And I can’t wait to see what my 29th year has to teach me. ❤️




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