Lisbon and pastel de nata 🥧

It’s funny how the value of a dish holds as good to the memories attached to it. The place you first tried it in and the people who you tried it with.

It’s what makes those memories precious. It’s what adds to the flavour of the dish you are savouring. Almost wishing time stood still.

Pastel de nata is one such dish. A rich egg custard nestled within a crisp pastry cup. This Portuguese gem is best eaten warm and fresh. Which isn’t a problem to obtain with almost every bakery supplying a fresh batch around every corner in the country. .

But it isn’t the sole flavours of the dish that satisfies the soul. Oh no, its the environment. It’s the struggle of us semi-fit individuals walking up the steep streets of Lisbon to head to a bakery to try the tarts. It’s the joy on the face of the baker selling the tart to you. It’s the satisfaction in knowing that a bite of that tart was well worth the journey.

It is the much needed fuel that gave us the energy to move to our next destination in the city, the tiled streets posing as art, only adding to the beauty that was the city. If the blue skies weren’t enough to put a smile on your face, looking down at your feet on the tiles, did the job!

So no, it isn’t the dish alone that touched me. It went and will always go hand in hand with the memories that are attached to it. All I have to do is take a bite, close my eyes and smile. ❤️

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