Green beans and Bacon šŸ„“

Another simple one for the books: Green beans & Bacon šŸ„“

If I could, I would live my life with bacon on everything I eat! It needs no explanation. I ā¤ļøšŸ„“!

A simple stir fry that is a great side dish to your burger nights!



ā€¢ green beans

ā€¢ 1tbsp butter (unsalted)

ā€¢ Crushed black pepper

ā€¢ A packet of bacon. Feel free to use as much as you like.


ā€¢ Washed a stir fried green beans with the a teaspoon of butter and crushed black pepper.

ā€¢ Fried to your liking- I usually prefer my beans crunchy on the inside with a slight tinge on the outside. So I fry them on a high flame for 5mins.

ā€¢ Remove the beans from the pan and fry the bacon, to a crisp.

ā€¢ Crumble and add to the beans aaaand enjoy!

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