Love and chai lattes ☕️

Walking up the beautifully designed tiled staircase with Rajma princess to a place that we both coincidentally meant to try for the longest time.

A place that a tea lover would appreciate to test. A bonus to have that tea in a venue that makes you feel like a princess 👸🏼😄

Delicate, bright and whimsical. Floor to ceiling windows that allow the sunshine to flow through, with a simple view of a large & beautiful tree out front.

Wall to wall casing of teas that would make it almost impossible to sit still in the beautiful chairs, without taking a minute or ten to explore!

Beautiful candy themed cutlery that compliment the tea along the walls. Candy themed elegance with beautiful engraving of the branding.

A tea in hand, we went for the matcha vanilla chai latte and the black litchi iced tea- with the matcha latte coming out as a strong winner!

Accompanied by a chat or two in a beautiful tea room, tassé de thé is a place to visit for a regal catch up!

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