Long distance love πŸ’•

Taking it way back to a very special night in my life with one of my dearest friends getting married. A night where a sisterhood got together from different parts of the world to talk about the anticipation of a milestone, & catch up on life-work, boys, body issues, makeup, families and friendship.

A night we don’t get too often and cherished so deeply with the makeup taken off, nighties put on and Hearts Laid on our sleeves.

I can’t help but reminisce about this night, the ones before it and the ones to come. One by one, each of us moving onto a new chapter in our lives. In some way or the other.

And to me, nothing holds value to a gathering like this more than the food and drinks that go with it. You know its genuine love when the bride puts down her drink to sit and eat the food you make πŸ’•

And eat we did. A portion of our night going into savouring a couple of dishes and drinks made by us, for her, with love.

The course consisted of 4 dishes:

1. Cucumber cheese bites

2. Monaco biscuit tarts

3. Bacon wrapped sausages

4. Cilantro lemon wings

A photo of only one dish as a reminder of the food that night with no awareness to document the rest πŸ˜…(thanks to the delicious chilli guava cocktails & a handful of shots here and there).

The cucumber cheese bites are easy & quick to make. Tried and tested, goes great with cocktails and is a hassle free starter to eat while preoccupied with something else(in our case, chatting)



β€’ 2 cucumbers- peeled, cut into 1 uncle rings with the flesh removed.

β€’ 1 container of Britannia cream cheese

β€’ 1 capsicum- deseeded and chopped into tiny cubes

β€’ 1 packet of bacon, fried to a crisp and crumbled into tiny bits


1. In a bowl, mix the cheese with the capsicum, cucumber flesh and bacon bits.

2. Add a pinch of black pepper

3. Using a spoon, scoop the cheese into the cucumber rings and serve on a tray. That’s it!!

It was a great night(missing 1-2 beautiful women) but the future holds bright, with many more milestones & dishes to bond over. Until then, experiments continue in my kitchen and conversations continue over the phones. To our long distance love ladies πŸ’•

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