#Taptakeover 🍻

What do you get when the food you eat, the beer you drink, the people you talk to and the music being played all fall into one big happy balance?

You get a Tap takeover, that’s what.

Tap takeover: A brewing promotional event where the taps of a bar or tap house is taken over by a single brewer for a day or a couple of days.

A great practice that not only gives you a peek into the variety of brews being offered, but also provides a platform for upcoming eateries and artists to gain some exposure.

Organised by Great state aleworks on a lovely Sunday afternoon at Bonobo, Linking Road in Bombay.

Tap takeover showcased a sweet acoustic set from the talented Karshni Nair.

Some brilliant Thai food from Bowl baby bowl where we tried the Wok tossed calamari which was cooked in, wait for it…. a lemongrass butter! Bell peppers and chillis. Guys! It was goood!

And of course, that cold, fresh brewsky that’s oh so perfect on a sunny Sunday afternoon. With not just one, but EIGHT varieties of craft brews to keep us happy.

We dove into some existing favourites like the golden brown coffee ale, New England IPA and the salted Kokum beer. But what I have been wanting to try for the longest time was the pineapple ale! The collaborative brew with OPedro for their 1st year anniversary.

And I must say, it did not disappoint! With the soft notes of pineapple, the brew was light and crisp. A kind of beer that left you as refreshed as when you would drink an ice cold glass of nimbu pani!

We were pleasantly surprised to see a new brew on the board- an experimental guava.

True to it’s name, this brew is a new experimental batch that was being served later that night. I missed my chance to try that but I will be visiting great states again, and soon!

We ended our evening with a tasting session with our host, Nakul B and the much awaited Collab brew- Bombay bling.

This is a brew(mentioned in my previous post), that Nakul had created in Brooklyn with KCBC brewers. A mangosteen brew! Mangosteen! If you have eaten this glorious fruit, can you imagine the aroma and flavours that hits your palette on sipping this beauty?

From the light hearted conversations with friends to the music, food and brilliant brews. I cannot stress on what a brilliantly joyful & mellow evening it was! (And I’m not one to really enjoy a plan on a Sunday evening).

The tap takeover is a great experience and you should definitely make it for their next take over. It’s posted on their Instagram page well in advance for you to block your calendars.

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