Take me back… πŸŒŠ

Take me back…

β€’ Take me back to those days of walking barefoot in the sand, with the cool waves washing over my feet. To sitting under the shade of the Blue Corner shack. A table for two right along the seaside.

β€’ To beginning our days with an early start, walking up to the shack with Vicky greeting us with a smile and knowing our order by the start of the second day.

β€’ Take me back to kickstarting our meals with a tall salt & pepper lime juice and a fresh fruit salad. Only to quickly dress down into our swimwear and walk out into the ocean. The waves playful and the water crystal clear. To walk amongst the crabs and starfish. To play amongst the families and local dogs. The ocean free for all.

β€’ Take me back to walking back up to our shack, only to sit back down on our low back chairs, to kickstart a light session with a breezer and a starter. Oh how we love our starters.

β€’ The sun shining bright on our faces, our eyes protected by our shades. The warmth gently touching our skin as we sit back, eyes closer & listen to the waves greet the shore.

β€’ Take me back to Vicky serving us that beef roast. That reminded me so much of my mum and her delicious roast(yes my mums roast was better, for sure!). But it was still nice to be reminded.

β€’ Take me back to that simple chorizo fry. Small beads of chorizo pork sausage, pan fried and served up on a plate. Looking at each other without saying a single word, knowing that the sausage was just so delicious! Knowing that this order of chorizo wouldn’t be the only order made that day. Paired with a cranberry breezer and the sound of his beach song playing in the background.

β€’ Take me back to that evening of us sitting in our spot, watching the sunset, wondering whether we should move to a restaurant for dinner or stay. We stayed.

β€’ Take me back to that time when we watched a Gujarati couple order French fries while we ate our roast beef, and decided to order those fries for fun. To only realise that those fries were bloody brilliant. Made from scratch, crunchy on the outside and oh so soft on the inside! Also, not the only time it was ordered that day.

β€’ Take me back to our talks about life, our previous trip, our plans for the day and night, the couple seated on our left, the elderly British writer seated to our right, the cuteness of the Italian family, with the father chasing his son around the shack. To just being still, to just being.

Take me back…❀️

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