Ah Fish’Ka! 🐟

A cool breezy night, riding the scooter through the narrow lanes of Betalbatim, lush greenery on either side, moving towards Fish’Ka.

A lovely recommendation from a fellow foodie and true blue Goan. Fishka has created a cozy little spot in our hearts. Which is exactly what we felt like entering the restaurant- cozy. The beautiful fairy lights in recycled alcohol fermentation units were the first thing that caught our eyes.

Located in Betalbatim, Fishka is warm place with an even warmer host – Cyril Henriques, who took the time out to recommend that we try the prawns in their house special spicy cream sauce.

To be honest, we were sceptical because, how many dimensions can a cream sauce really have? But man oh man, were we pleasantly surprised! Every mouthful went from the dense cream to the fresh sweetness of prawns to the hint of spice as an aftertaste. A must try!

The Recheado masala tandoori pork ribs was another new twist to a meat that we love! From the sweet, spice & tangy hit of the recheado to the grilled charred coating from the tandoor oven, this dish was different & pleasing to the senses. My partner didn’t take to it as he isn’t a fan of the recheado masala. So paired with a fresh salad, this baby was aaall mine!

And finally, a dish we saw on every menu during our trip but finally decided to try here was the Prawn stuffed papad. Fresh prawns finely chopped with a spring roll medley of vegetables, wrapped in a papadam. Deep fried & served with a chilli garlic sauce. Definitely going down on the list to try at home!

Good food, coupled with a Cabo on the rocks, some soft blues & kokani tracks playing in the background and a good hooman for company. Fishka is a value for money visit on your next trip to Goa.




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