Juicing: Don’t waste that fiber 🍹

Tiny tip: Don’t waste that fibre!

• Juicing is fun, you get to experiment with ingredients and all it’s permutations and combinations.

• It’s extremely quick to make and consume- making it my perfect on-the-go breakfast.

• But, “Juice” doesn’t necessarily mean drink the liquids alone. Although juicing is a process of extracting soluble fibre(the liquid) from the fruits and vegetables, it’s the insoluble fibre(the pulp) that remains which is equally important.

• Why? To help you poop! 💩 Not to mention the amount of vitamins and minerals that lie in the pulp as well.

• If you are someone who is on a juice fast, it’s especially important to consume both the soluble and insoluble fibre.

• If you are ill and require less energy to consume your food then an juice with soluble fibre is the way to go-pure liquids.




Here we have a plain spinach, ginger and papaya juice that’s been blended and consumed whole.


  1. I did have to add some honey to it before drinking it because the papaya was not sweet enough to cut through the spinach.
  2. This is a pretty intense combo! lol. So if you are not used to a spinach & ginger combo, I suggest substituting the ginger for some pineapple or lime juice instead.


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