Life in a Fable πŸ“š

A Sunday stroll from the movie theatre took us to a lovely restaurant in Juhu called Fable.

Fable is a beautifully decorated complete with recycled materials- old windows, lamps, refurbished furniture and of course, true to its name- recycled novels and fairytale books. πŸ“š

Friendly staff and a continental menu made up primarily of Italian and American food. The breakfast menu filled with pancakes and waffles highlighting the American cuisine while the all day menu taking on the Italian side(my personal favourite cuisine).

Our order went a little something like this:

1. Pepper seasoned tenderloin Carpaccio: One of my all-time favourite salads and no, this did not disappoint! With the tenderloin sliced to paper thin perfection, which perfectly balanced out the crunch of the arugula lined with the vinaigrette, all the way to the salted capers. Belicimo!

2. Avocado on toast: A twist on a favourite, this dish! Wow! Multigrain bread topped with hummus, avocado, goats cheese and sunflower seeds. If we were to pick one vegetarian dish that could possibly outdo a meat dish, it would have to be this one. Yes. I said it. It was THAT good!

3. Risotto carlentini in pepper cream sauce: I mean, it’s safe to say that risotto is a soul-touching dish,in my book. Always and forever. Creamy black pepper sauce with each spoonful loaded with pork sausage, ham and bacon-yes, this dish was fully loaded! I do think I could have done more justice to this if I had ordered it for lunch though.

4. Lemongrass & Cranberry cooler, from a huge variety of mocktails. A burst of refreshing lemongrass blended with the sweet & tart flavours of the cranberries. They have quite an extensive wine list as well.

Ended the night with a happy tummy and a satisfied soul, with our receipt handed to us in a cute little storybook.

Thank you @fablejuhu for the lovely end to our weekend! ❣️

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