A journey to the Sun & Moon πŸŒžπŸŒ›

Let me tell you a story. A story about a girl who travelled across Mumbai to find the Sun & Moon.

Sounds mystical, doesn’t it? Well, read on!

The girl started her journey on a weekday from a tiny chaotic corporate jungle- Goregaon. She knew this journey would be tedious, but the girl was determined.

The girl, along with her friend- C, decided that the quickest way to travel out of the chaos would be to use the trusty local transportation- the Mumbai local train.

And off we went, from one chaotic corporate jungle to another- Lower Parel.

We had to reach the Sun & Moon before it was too late!

We got down at Lower Parel and turned to our trusty sidekick, Google Maps to guide the way.

A 20 minute walk from the station, ok.

And off we went, chatting away while taking in the sights & sounds from the local street food vendors & stores around Lower Parel.

Lucky for us, the Mumbai weather blessed us with a cool breeze that night.

20mins….13mins…7mins…2mins…. and finally “we had arrived at our destination”, according to Google maps.

But, where was the Sun & Moon? I turned around to ask my friend and right behind him, in my line of vision, was the Sun & Moon! Finally!

Ladies & Gents, the Sun & Moon I’m referring to the most teeny, tiny Korean restaurant, tucked away in the heart of the concrete jungle.

Excited, my friend and I rushed in only to stop in our tracks by the lovely hostess.

Curt but kind, she proceeded to ask us to remove our footwear before heading upstairs to the table that was reserved for us.

I cannot stress teeny, tiny enough when describing the size of this place. Just big enough to fit a kitchen, restroom and 3 mid sized tables and one large table.

We were a part of a bigger group of friends to be seated at the large table(you’ve got to reserve this one!)

The first thing that caught my eye was the love notes & messages on the wall- admiration for the food, the hostess & restaurant. Seemed promising.

We sat down to bottles of ginger water served to us, instead of regular drinking water. Again, seemed promising!

And slowly but surely, the other happy faces joined us at our table! A brief catch up & update on each of our lives took place, accompanied by a couple of wise cracks & jokes before we got down to business!

“Can we have the food menus please?”- shouted out loud.

K & M were the geniuses behind our invite to this restaurant and knew exactly what our table would appreciate- Meat, in all shapes & sizes.

Round 1, 2 and 3 consisted of repeaters of the following dishes:

1. Extremely generous servings of condiments & snacks: Kimchi- cabbage & cucumber, sesame sautΓ©ed peanuts, garlic stir fried beans & carrots and deep fried potato balls

Oh! And did I mention that they’re on the house?!!!

2. Pork & meat BBQ

It is what it is, BBQ’ed portions of pork belly(Samgypsal) and meat(buff- Galbisal) and this was something I was waiting for my love to try.

One of the reasons I like Korean BBQ is because the meats are not marinated- it’s cooked in its pure form and you are given the choice to pair it with a flavouring.

No exception here!❀️

3. Deep fried crispy chicken ( Dak gangjeong)

Ordered especially for the chicken eater at our table – S. This is deep fried boneless chicken sautΓ©ed in a Sweet & spicy sauce, topped with sesame serfs & peanuts.

I gotta say, I’m more biased to red meats on the table but this was one dish I would have gladly eaten in exchange!

4. Bulgogi Deobap

Thin silvers of meat served over a plate of steamed rice and vegetables.

I’ve had this dish in a couple of places and I was quite impressed with the authenticity of the flavours.

(I don’t have a photo of this one because it was all gone before I could click one😁 gotta love the foodies!)

And finally, the hostess.

A firecracker who would demand that we order our next dish, cook it for us and would eventually pull up a chair to sit and chit chat with us.

A warm meal with great conversation in the middle of the week in a tiny nook in overpopulated Bombay.

We left our mark on Sun & Moon as it did on us. ❀️

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