Oh Goa, I miss your beef croquettes! 🌴

My last trip to Goa was filled with exploring new beaches and eating good food.

And one thing I will take back from my trip is the croquettes we ate at the tiny bakeries across the city.

Fresh and hot, they’re made with either beef, chicken or fish. We parcelled a couple in a brown paper bag and ate them while riding along the seaside. Bliss!

That’s the thing about Goa and being a beach lover living in a concrete jungle. Every so often, you tend to start craving the seaside. And with every experience, a memory of the food.

And that’s exactly what happens to me around this time of the year.

With those croquettes in mind, I went into my refrigerator to search for the tools. There lay my leftover beef mince in the freezer(whose recipe is in my previous post) and a handful of potatoes-Jackpot!


– Cooked beef mince(500gms)

– 3 medium sized boiled potatoes

– 1 beaten egg

– A plateful of rava/sooji/semolina

1. Mash up the boiled potato and mix into the cooked mince.

2. Mix in the beaten egg and place into the fridge for an hour.

*NOTE: Make sure that the beef is nice and dry. The mixture of mince, potato & egg must be thick enough to form firm shapes. If you need the make the mixture thicker, add a handful of breadcrumbs. Continue to add breadcrumbs until you get the firmness.*

3. On a flat surface or plate, add the semolina.

4. Roll the mince into a cylindrical shape and roll each croquette in rawa/semolina  to coat evenly and place on a plate. Chill them for another 15 mins.

5. Shallow fry the croquettes in a frying pan until golden brown.

6. Serve with a salad, soup, all by itself with dipping sauces.

I really hope this recipe and the love and memories attached to it.


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