One masala, two dishes!

Always thinking of my mum when I make something that works well for many dishes.

She taught me how to be efficient with what I have & repurpose leftovers to make new dishes.

But I am really happy with the way this one(or two) dishes turned out.

I’m going to start by explaining the base masala. That is what is going to be used in the dishes.

Base masala recipe:


– 4 onions

– 1 entire pod of garlic

– 3 inches of ginger

– 10 green chillis and 10 red chillis

– 12 cloves

– 4 sticks of cinnamon

– 1 tbsp of cumin

– 1 tbsp of cilantro powder


– Roast the ingredients & blend to form a thick paste

Dish 1: Pork baffat


-Base masala

-1tsp Tamarind paste

-1tbsp of white vinegar


Add pork pieces into the masala & salt to taste

Cook until tender and serve with a steamed rice.

Dish 2: Chicken kurma


– Base masala

– Chop & grind 2 tomatoes

– Chop a handful of cilantro to use at the end


Cook the base masala & tomato paste in a pan

Add pieces of chicken to the masala with a little water and cook until tender

Add salt to taste

Sprinkle chopped cilantro on top of the chicken and serve with steamed rice or chapatis

These dishes turned out very well and I hope you enjoy them too❤️

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