Meatloaf Monday

It’s Monday, its raining here in Bombay and oh, did I mention it’s Monday?

I always need a big push or treat on a Monday to make it brighter. And it’s usually in the form of some nice comfort food.

And when I say the words “treat” or “comfort food”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be something gooey or fried or even sweet!

My comfort food or soul food is usually something made with meat. So today, I brought in a wholesome meatloaf!

I’ve never made it myself before but I have seen and helped my mum make it growing up.

It isn’t a common dish in our household but we sure do appreciate it.

I’m a huge fan of food that can be stored at eaten on the go. Something neat that can be eaten at work. And it looks like this recipe is gonna be a staple in my house.

Beef meatloaf recipe:

• Sauté 2 finely chopped onions & 10 garlic pods in a pan. Continue to sauté until the onions are translucent. Add salt & crushed black pepper. The spicier the better!

• In a separate bowl, mix 1 egg with Worcestershire sauce & 1 mug of beef broth.

• Once done, mix 1/2 kg of beef mince with the onion mix and the broth mix.

• Add chopped mint and if you’d like, carrots, mushroom or any finely chopped vegetables of your choice.

• In a bread tin, line the meat to form a loaf. I did not have my bread tin handy so I used a basic cake tin, lined it with foil and formed a loaf with the meat.

• In a preheated oven(175• C for 15mins), bake the loaf at the same temperature for 45mins.

• Once baked, layer the loaf with a sauce. I just made a simple tomato, garlic basil sauce that went very well with the loaf.

I hope this cheers your Monday up, like it did mine ❤️

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