Fur babies & Hayfever: The Irony

My love for my furry friends comes with a horrible downfall: Hayfever.

This is not something I grew up as I grew up in a household with dogs. This is something that has come up recently just over a year ago once I moved to Mumbai, with barely any interactions with fur babies on a regular basis.

The problem is, I need my furry interactions, I crave it.

And coming to mumbai exposed me to whole other animal- Cats. The city is packed with them. Or Atleast the areas I’ve lived in.

And I have definitely spent my fair share of time on these charming little creatures. In terms of baby sitting, feeding or fostering.

Cat fur, specifically kitten fur is extremely fine and is the biggest trigger for my allergy.

Itchy eyes, scratchy through and a never ending leaky faucet for a nose(my loved ones will vouch for this one😄).

It does take a toll on the body and drains your energy.

I can’t constantly take tablets and so I tried natural ingredients that I could consume on a daily basis to help. And ginger was one of them.

I tend to boil it in a cup of chai in the mornings but at night, drink it in its purest form. Plain water boiled with the root to extract and reduce the juices. I couple it with turmeric, which is also an anti-inflammatory ingredient.


It helps clear the sinus, soothes the throat and strengths your gut. This miracle root has helped me and my leaky nose and itchy throat. A LOT!

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