Waste not, want not: Super berry jam

When you live on your own and cook for one,there is always a chance of leftover food.

I face this problem with fruits and vegetables quite regularly.

But with fruits, it gives me a chance to make my jams and preservatives- which I love!

Here is a very simple berry and orange jam that I made over the weekend.

Berry & orange preservative recipe:

1. Chop and boil the berries in a vessel of water and a tablespoon of sugar/honey. I have used leftover blueberries and plums.

2. Grate the orange zest and squeeze the juice into the mixture. Along with a pinch of cinnamon.

3. Boil the mixture on a low flame until it reduces to a thick jelly.

You can add some chia seeds or flax seeds to the mixture as well to bring in a healthy balanced to your morning breakfast!

This is a relatively simple and quick way to get your fruit intake and I hope you enjoy it!


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