Christmas cooking: A connection to the past, present and future 🎄❤️

Christmas this year was a tough one for me as it was the first Christmas away from my family back in India.

Every year, the house is filled with amazing aromas of cinnamon, sugars, soaked mince meats, wine and roasts.

And the best part of it all is getting to participate in the cooking. It’s a great bonding experience for mum and I and I get to try my hand at learning and making new things. Watching Dad savour every bit of the food and finally eating together with family and friends.

I did not have that this year as I am away from home and was quite upset about it.

But this year had some new experiences for me.

I took the excitement in and decided to cook a Christmas feast like my mum does. Filled with hard work and love.

The best part about cooking is that it gives you an opportunity to connect with the past, present and future. It allows you to hold on your traditions that you learnt and grew up with and allows you to bring in new flavours which might work for the future.

So, here i was, determined to take on the challenge and make the most of this Christmas.

I took on my mums roll as head chef And decided to make the following dishes:

1. A warm winter root vegetable and chicken soup

2. A roast turkey with roasted vegetables and cranberry sauce

3. Brussels sprouts stroganoff and spiced peas pulao

4. Lemon cafreal roast chicken with mash potato

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