Weekend meal prep turned mid week dinner – 2 🥘

I cannot stress how reliant I am on a weekend meal prep to keep me sane through the work week.

I love good home food at the end of a long work day and it helps a lot to have some food items ready at my disposal when I come home tired from the day.

I usually plan a few vegetables and meats as a base to mix and match in different dishes across the week.

And this time the items were:

1. Chopped carrots

2. Frozen peas

3. Chopped mushrooms

4. Chopped potatoes

5. Veal mince

I cooked the mince into a spicy kheema with chopped onion, ginger garlic, tomato, pepper corns, garam masala and a little oregano and salt to taste.

This recipe gives you a bit of spice and a fresh aroma which can be used in parathas, pasta, sloppy joes, eaten as a side dish with dal and rice or just on its on!

Tonight was parathas!

The vegetables were taken out of the freezer and sautéed with onion, garlic, coriander powder, jeera powder and a pinch of salt and Heeng ( asefotida).

Cooked until soft and served hot!

These dishes take minutes to make and satisfy the cravings for a hot spicy wholesome meal at the end of your day.


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