Haggis in the morning, haggis in the noon, haggis till the sun goes down!

Back in one of my favourite cities- Edinburgh! And I’m here with my biggest support system- my parents and with them by my side, I have decided to go ahead and try something I was too squeamish to try on my first visit to this beautiful city- HAGGIS!

I left the city with a heavy heart on my first visit here having not had the courage to try its national dish. I love my food but I am not a fan of innards 🤭

But I knew that missing the experience the first time was a big mistake when I could not stop thinking about it. And when I got the opportunity to come here with my family, I was NOT going to let my fear knock me down.

Just a quick insight to what I was dealing with…

Haggis is a savoury dish made with sheeps pluck( that is liver, heart and lungs).

Typically cooked with simple onions, salt, lard and stock. This dish is not for the faint hearted (in my opinion). It is cooked and encased within the lining of the animals stomach(however it is now stored in artificial casing).

Haggis is sold is supermarkets and pubs across Scotland and can be eaten at anytime of the day or night.

And that is exactly what I did. To be fair, I did take advantage of the fact that my parents are fans of liver and I did know that I had someone to share this dish with. And I could not have had better people to share this experience with. 💕

Haggis is served in any form. As part of breakfast. It goes well with scrambled eggs and baked beans.

And also serves well for supper, packed in a neat sausage topped with mash and an onion sauce.

Haggis can be used as an ingredient in burger patties, pizzas and cutlets.

However with its strong, savoury aftertaste. I do recommend a strong mind and gut prep prior to diving into this dish.

Good or bad, it’s always good to Atleast try everything.

And although I won’t be experimenting with this ingredient/dish anytime soon, I am happy to got to live out the experience.

XO 💕

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