A remedy for the flu and soul

I recently came down with the flu and was stuck indoors with a heavy cold and soar throat.

I decided to quickly get up and make myself some of my mama’s spicy Rasam.

This was and still IS one of my favourite dishes- simple, spicy and finger licking good!

I specify on finger licking because this lovely soupy gravy is famously eaten in South India with a steaming bowl of hot rice.

Packed with flavour, Rasam is made with a small handful of ingredients and some love. The spicy peppery aftertaste soothes the throat and is a good natural remedy for a flu.

There are a few variations to this dish but i love the one my mama makes and the recipe is as follows:


Quick and delicious Rasam:

  1. Blanch 4 tomatoes in water for a 15 minutes or until the tomatoes are soft enough to be squished to a pulp.
  2. Once boiled, squish the tomatoes in the water to form a semi puree.
  3. In a frying pan, dry roast a handful of Jeera(cumin), Black peppercorns and chopped garlic.
  4. Crush the dried spices and add it to the boiling tomato puree.
  5. Chop a handful of coriander leaves and add it to the boiling mixture.
  6. For a slightly tangy flavour, add a pinch of tamarind paste.
  7. Boil the entire mixture for a few minutes and finally add salt to taste.

This lovely dish can be eaten with hot rice or completely on its own in the form of a soup. I personally prefer it both ways.
I do hope you give this dish a try because only then will you come to realise why it falls under my category of soul food! 💕


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