Busy mornings call for unconventional crepe’s

img_2635Another one for the busy morning breakfast file.

I hold this dish close to my heart as I grew up with it and I’ve loved and learnt to make variations of it ever since.

Variations because wheat is such a versatile ingredients and goes well as a sweet or savoury dish.

The texture could be recognised as a crepe but we call it ‘paanpolay’ or ‘neer dosa’ in my local language, which means water dosa.

Traditional paanpolay is made with rice flour. However I grew up my mum making this recipe using wheat flour and butter. Which is absolutely delicious with a spoonful of jam.

Tried a varitation of this dish today with finely chopped onion, garlic, chilli, A pinch of salt and sugar for taste.

This mixed into a cupful of wheat and ragi flour and water.

Mix in enough water to obtain a slightly runny consistency.

Finally ladle a spoonful onto a frying pan with a little butter and fry till crisp!


I hope this simple yet delicious dish gives you as much joy as it does for me!

More to come soon!


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