Chilli pork, cocktails and conversation 

I was blessed to have made a good set of friends from My previous time in London, with a couple of weekends filled with jokes, conversations, YouTube movie trailers, old school music videos, cocktails, beers and chilli pork!

I specify on the dish because it was always made at the end of the great catch up session, by a good friend of mine.

Tonight, while being back in London with only one of those friends from my previous time here, left me reminiscing over those good ol days.
And since tonight was a low key night for me, I stayed off the drinks but dived right into trying to recreate that amazing pork chilli.

Spicy, subtle yet packed with the natural flavour of the meat charred to perfection. That was the taste we remembered and tried to recreate.

We immediately called my chilli pork friend and chatted with him while recreating the dish he introduced to us (with a few instructions and tips from him along the way)

No, I’m sorry but this recipe stays with him and I wouldn’t want to be the one to share it but I will leave you with my memory of a lovely night, connected once again, through my love for food💕


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