Self pampering: My mini home spa

Most corporate desk and client facing jobs requires one to travel through traffic, push through crowds and all the while look well together on a daily basis. (If you live close to work/ client and end up skipping this daily drama, then good for you!)

Then there’s the strain of staring at a computer all day, all the while making one crave for some rest and relaxation at the end of a long day! 

You know you need some pampering when the splash of cool water on your face gives you the greatest sense of relief. 

This is where I really cash in on the pampering over my weekend! 

Although I’m a big believer in healing your body from the inside nthrough what you consume, there’s also a huge sense of relaxation in knowing you can use those consumable ingredients to pamper yourself on the outside. 

Here is one of my favourite pampering routines:

1. The total body scrub

All you need is some coconut oil and a loofah. Apply the oil and give yourself a massage and throughout scrub down! Working the loofah in circular motions is best! This helps with circulation and removal of dead skin cells.

2. The hair spa

My hair is naturally dry and so I use curd/Greek yogurt and a big teaspoon of honey. Mixed up well and applied on my hair! This hair mask smells lovely, provides those natural moisturising nutrients of vitamin D5 & B and helps repair damage, giving your locks the good loving it deserves!

3. The face mask

I am currently living in a cold weather country which makes my skin dry quite often. So back to the curd and honey for this one as well!

Curd mixed with a little honey, tumeric and cinnamon.

The cinnamon tends to work as a natural face scrub and Tumeric is the golden spice that heals! (A win in my book!)

This magic mask has worked well for me in the past and I stand by it. 

If you have oily skin, add half a teaspoon of chickpea flour to the mix. 

Combine this mini spa treatment with some soothing music, a good book or movie and some yummy snacks and wine and you’ve got yourself a good start to the weekend 💕


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