Waste not, want not!  – Part 1

Dinner cooked for one or two involves the same amount of effort as cooking for five!

And when the is cooked, you sit down and relish your meal for the day.

But what happens when that meal on one day turns into the next days leftovers? 

There is only so much penne Parma alfredo or chapathi subzi( mixed vegetable stir fry) that one can tolerate for a couple of days. Note: this is a first world problem rant but it’s still a light topic of conversation with a point behind it, I promise! 

I was raised by an amazing working mama of two children who still managed to cook ‘soul-touching’ meals. And one quality I tried to learn from her was the amazing knack of converting a good leftover into a brand new dish. 

Any recent example occurred the day before yesterday, when my roommate and I were deciding what to eat for dinner. 

I looked into the refrigerator and saw leftover Bhaji from Pav Bhaji . Bhaji is a thick vegetable gravy, most delicious when eaten with a ‘pav’ (a soft bread roll). 

We also had tomatoes basil and a lot of fresh vegetables, dairy and grains.

I decided to combine them all and made a Pav Bhaji Pasta! 


1. Boil a cup of any pasta of your choice

2. Add olive oil to a sauce pan and proceed to add garlic and one chopped tomato

3. Add a pinch of oregano and chilli flakes( we love spice so there was a lot of chilli flakes)

4. Add the Pav bhaji gravy and stir until all ingredients are incorporated 

5. Add the boiled pasta and allow it to cook for a few minutes 

6. Garnish with honey chopped basil and grated cheese

And there you have it! ​

<Pav bhaji pasta>

These small tricks I learnt from my mama helped ​me bring excitement into my cooking and eating, as well as helps me avoid ordering out. 

Although I do enjoy the occasional take out. These kitchen experiments do reduce the urge and keep me in check in being aware of what ingredients are going into my body. 

More kitchen experiments to come! 


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