One shot, two shot, three shot…floor! 

Good morning world! 

I decided to wake up today and substitute my regular glorious cup of chai(tea) with Tumeric. 

This is a little gem of a health tip was passed down to me from my Godmother. 

Being an Indian, tumeric is a huge part of my life in the kitchen. It is a sunshine yellow spice that is known for its medicinal, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  It’s quite a wake up call and leaves you feeling fresh! 

I know I know, coffee, tea and other juices do that as well… but there is something so simple and pure about this spice and its healing properties. 

Here is how I have my tumeric tea every morning:

Recipe for Tumeric tea:

1. Boil a cup of water on the stove.

2. Turn off the stover and leave the water to rest.

3. Mix in half a teaspoon of tumeric powder(organic is best).

4. You can add in some honey, cinnamon or lime juice if you want to cut the taste of tumeric and sweeten things up!

5. You can also add ginger or pepper for those flu and bed ridden days. It is a great pick me up! 

From a shot of tumeric tea to hitting the floor for a quick and satisfying yoga session. I am now ready to take on the day!

Have a lovely day everyone! 


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