Bacon, and other happy things.

The pursuit of happiness. Isn’t that what most people aim for? 

I wake up every single morning with a hope that I will go to bed happy. The problem is trying to figure out what would bring me happiness that day. 

Could it be a kiss from someone you love? the smell of freshly brewed chai(tea) and crispy hot bacon on a cold winters day? Scratch that… the smell of chai and crispy hot bacon on ANYDAY! The sound of birds chirping?a sunny beach? Knowing that it’s a Saturday morning and the start to the weekend? A puppy playing on the street? Shopping?? 

Working in a corporate job in a busy city renders one helpless to the chaos of life. I often find it hard to stop of FIND the roses, let alone smell them! But when I do, I get in a good whiff. 

I am not one to find happiness in the things I do. I have a fixed notion of working at my job to earn a living and following my passions as a hobby. 

This notion leaves me contemplating my life choices at times, but as of now, today, I have decided to take a small leap of faith, be brave and pursue my passions with a vengeance!

Bravery because of taking the step to pull my passions out of the “hobby” drawer. Be it my love for cooking, animals, travels, my family and friends, my work or even my pursuit for unique moments, love and good health! 

A leap of faith because, i am a self doubter by nature and this faith I have is all that’s preventing me from turning back now. 

Onwards to happier things!


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